dried flowers


Grower direct from From France:

what we carry for the bunches:


here the picture of our own crop we harvested in the end june 2015

bunches lavendin flowers


Lavendin flowers are  long stem   and  Lavender super blue  are short stem

BULK LAVENDER FLOWERS:logo saop made in france

sold from the 20g to the 25kg bag

Lavender flowers

First Grade: Strong scent, culinary grade, and dark blue in the colour. CAN BE USED AS A TEA

bulk fist grade lavender

Lavender flowersSecond Grade:

Strong scent, greenish in colour, not as clean as the first grade but the smell is the same .

Gift bags:

in   cello bag of 40 and 100g



others dried flowers:

sold by the lbs :


dried flowers rose bud


Rose freeze dried petal

a high quality a flowers that looks fresh rose petals

dried flowers rose petal


jasmine flowers


other dried flowers on the stems

oats, wheat are produced in France ON MY FARM IN CHAMPAGNE

Image result for harvest imports

oat bunches dried sunflowers

dried flowers green-beardless-wheat-bundle_ central pieces
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dried flowers oats

dried flowers wheat bunches unclear

 dried flowers wheat with no bear clear


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