terms of sale

retail stores:
• The first order is prepaid or C.O.D.
• You must provide us with your Federal Tax ID# for US customers and fill in a credit application.
A credit application can be obtained from our site. It can be emailed to topi.sale@yahoo.ca or
faxed to 604-595-2876.
• Please allow one week to process your application. If your credit is approved, we will give you net 15 days
• Our terms is 15 days
• Discount of 5% is given for any order prepaid
• Any overdue past 60 days are closed and we will not process any other orders until balance is paid in full. We will send your account to collection agency after 70 days
• We will then require prepaid payment after that
• Opening orders: $150.00 for Lavender.

Any backorder under $100.00 gets canceled automatically.

• Any overdue accounts are subject to interest of 2.5% per month.
• Any account 50 days past due will be closed and we will request you to pay any outstanding invoices, and any new orders will be prepaid till credit is re-established.
• We do accept business cheques, money orders, and wire transfers.
• For Canadian customer you can pay by bill pay or TD bank transfer .
• Credit card are accepted by PayPal
• Large amounts we highly recommend you wire the funds directly to our account. To avoid extra fees, we have both US Dollar and Canadian Dollar accounts.
• Our prices include US customs fee and it is FOB Blaine WA.
• To avoid extra customs fees, any orders under $500.00 are shipped by Canada post unless we can group your order with other orders at the same time.
• We are doing our best to keep the same price but prices can change if the Euro or USD fluctuates too much. In that situation we will contact you before we ship your order to let you know about the increase.
All merchandise returns and damaged product claims must be accepted by
T.O.P.I. Imports before a credit is issued, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you receive goods damaged by the shipping company, please notify the shipping company immediately to start a claims process with them. Please also notify the TOPI office as well, so we can arrange to have replacement goods shipped to you. To help speed up the claims process, we highly recommend you take pictures of the damaged goods.
for goods that were part of a large shipment (i.e.: container load) and that appear to have been damaged by poor packaging by the manufacturer, please email us pictures of the damages and notify us which products are damaged. Complaints for damaged goods must be filed within 7 days of receiving the shipment.


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