soap of /savon de Marseille products

logo courone lavende 6

since 2016 we carry the soap of marseille

the bar are 100g each and are made with either almond or grape seed oil

they use the  extract of the plant and the color are made from natural die

the soap does not content any chemical ingredient  .

In the respect of our freshest ingredient you can smell exactly what the scent is suppose to smell and will be very close of what the scent of our essential oil smell like

they come by box of 8 of 16 per scents

sorry we do not brake the box in smaller quantity

almond soap front                                                               packinging sample back



honeycycle soapbig_7_chevrefeuille

lemon soap


linnen soap

big_10_fleur_20de_20linneroli orange blossom soap


lavender soap


lilac soap


jasmine soap


honey soap


mythe soap

big_22_myrtheolive soap


violette soap


honey soap


grapefruit soap


rosemary soap


rose soap


vanilla soap


lemon verbena soap


savon noir de Marseille : black liquid soap

BOND 001 - V2

to introduce the product we are wholesaling in the 60ml and 250ml

it is available by 1l and 5liters as well

this soap can really clean up a whole hose from furniture to soil to bathroom .

it can be use on metal to clean car polish your boat even kill the most stain on your cotton fabric.

I grow up with this products but never I found a product so powerful for cleaning .

it is certified organic and made with flax seed oil based .

it is perfect to use on antique furniture or teak wood …

we recommend to dilute to 1/4 with distilled water for housecleaning and pure for heavy stain

Laundry detergent  in soap flakes

we have now the savon de Marseille in soap flakes in 500g 1kg 5kg 10kg

to made a laundry detergent just add some baking soda and your favarites scents


hand liquid soap

Solid soap


kitchen soap

in lemon olive and orange shape


bar of 100g of soap we have the olive and the lavender

scent available : almond honey, lavender, olive, orange, rosemary ,orange blossoms

they are pack by a sleeve papper and packaged by 6  per scents





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