lavender sachet in cotton

all the lavender sachet are hand stitch and very unique

there are sold by set of 6 per design and colors  ,please download complete and email  the form to

lavender laundry sachet set of 3:

you can use the laundry sachet in the dryer to replace the liner .It is very popular article and we recommend to carry with the organic spray that we have.

use in you dryer up to 10 times per sachet and you can add scent for a stronger fragnance  with the lavender water spray


lavender bag laundry sachet by 3

here are the new sachet : 3.5 inches wild

lavender sachet B hhl 4 by 3

lavender bag 5 by 7

lavB sachet small bag scalloped color lavender 002  3.5 by 5 inches

lav bag 20g scalop color stem lavender color 001



lavendersachet toile de jouy








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