difference between lavender and lavendin essential oil

from the 10ml or the drum we can supply any volume

the distillation in France

distillation plant for the lavender last step

from the 10ml or the drum we can supply any volume

as there are so many qualities on the market we are giving you some information about how to recognize lavendin and lavender essential oil.

we are very picky with our quality and only use the pure oil .we do not make any blend or lavendin and lavender

please view this page to see the different botanical lavender:

lavender presentation 2013 01

T.O.P.I imports only imports essential oil direct from the grower.We work with the largest producer in France, a distillation plant with over 60 years’ experience.

In an effort to supply you the best quality product, we buy the crop three months after the harvest.

as the oil, like wine, needs to sit before it’s ready to be sold. Top quality lavender oil is at the best after 6 to 8 months

lavender essential oil:
Lavender essential like, any essential oil, has a complex chemistry. When you buy oil, you need it chemically analyzed and tested to know what you are buying. To get the best lavender oil, you want a very low camphor level and very high lavendulol level.

• Common marketplace lavender oil is often made from lavendin grosso and has high camphor content. This is not an oil to use for therapeutic purposes as the chemistry of that oil is low in lavendulol.

powerpoint-logo-master-essential-oil-of-lavendin-super-50mlessential oil lavender 10ml
• Lavendin Super  is a cross of lavendin intermedia Super and lavender Augustifolia P Miller

In a lavandin field, each plant is identical to its neighbor as it is propagated by cuttings, which in full flower gives the illusion of very regular blue waves. Lavandin is a natural hybrid, particularly vigorous, the result of a cross (pollination) between fine lavender and aspic lavender. Lavandin is cultivated between 200 and 700 meters but can grow as high as 1 000 meters in altitude.

1 hectare of lavandin produces about 100 kg of essential oil.
• (similar in quality to Lavendin Abrialis or Sumian) is the oil most recommended for soap making, and is the most organic oil on the market with a very low-level camphor content.
• Lavender Angustifolia Maillette comes highly recommend for use in/as creams and in aromatherapy. It has a rather sweet smell and a lower-level of camphor.
• Lavendula Angustifolia High Alps is best for use in therapeutic massage. It is an appellation AOC registered by the board of agriculture in France and has a price that reflects its quality. Its level of camphor is always under 2%; its level of Lavendulol is always above 5%.

The AOC standard states that the specific location in which the lavender is grown imparts qualities to the lavender specific to that location with respect to climate, soil conditions, and topography, including altitudes of 790 meters (~2,600 feet) or higher. The plants must be grown from seeds and not cloned, the distillation must not involve shredding, and the oil must pass olfactory assessment.

The AOC certification is the same used by the producers of fine French wine.

a 1 hectare of lavender produces about 15 kg of essential oil.

Oil Description:

Colorless to pale yellow liquid with a sweet-floral-herbaceous fragrance and a mellow woody-balsamic back note. The aroma of  Lavender Fine Population AOC displays a soft floral quality with no camphoraceous notes typical of Lavender.



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