customers testimonial


logo les jardins de jacqueline
here are a few  testimonials and corporate gift we did:
I would like to add comment about what our customers are saying
Because  I say so:
means that at TOPI imports, we back up our products and we work very closely with customers to provide the right products to the right stores.
Over the years ,we have proven that when we sell a product to a customer is because we already know that the product will respond to their demand.
We strongly believe that for successful retail store has to feel confident about what products they are selling and can have a  good turn over.


promotion of Max Factor and cover girl
in 2006 we had the honor to do the both of the brand as a promotion
here are the products
laven max factor gift
in 2007,we supply the gift shop of Princess Cruise in the provence sachet
we were proud to be selected as a supplier for their boat going back to Provence in France
lav sachet provence fabric



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