spa and essential oil diffisors products

it is a mix of sea salt Himalayan salt and Epsom salt

We now have bath salt in 500g  as it is pure salt and essential oil  we do not recommend for children under 12 years old

Epsom Salts are kinder and don’t dry out the skin like normal salt, the absorption of magnesium and sulphur (sulphate) through the skin helps improve the bodies nutrient balance.

Magnesium – regulates more than 325 different enzymes within the body as well as improving the functionality of muscles and nerves.

Ease stress, improve sleep and help concentration are a few of the other known benefits.

Sulphate – is essential for the formation of proteins in joints, for digestive enzymes and in the gut wall lining. Furthermore, sulphate is essential to the formation of brain tissue and plays a part in detoxification

Lavender bath salt


rose bath salt


cold relief bath salt :

it is a mix of juniper berry lavender eucalyptus

buckwheat lavender eye pillow  in linen



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